Welcome to the #ATJtribe! We are so thrilled to welcome you to our little dance fam, where we all share the love of dance! Please note below our Terms and Conditions of Enrolment. Please read and accept these to ensure a smooth sailing enrolment process and dance experience.


All students (including those re-enrolling for a new year) must complete an online enrolment form before commencing classes. It is important we keep all contact details up to date.


Dance tights/leggings, bike shorts, singlets or racer back styled tops, ATJ printed tops, wrap around skirts, leotards etc are all acceptable attire for dancing. Please ensure your child does NOT wear baggy track pants or t-shirts to class.. To help improve technique, we prefer fitted clothing. All clothing should be in our school colours - Pink & Black. Clothing can be printed with our dance school logo for a small fee of $5 per print on leggings/tights and $10 for tops. You just need to purchase the items you wish to be printed (Kmart, Big W, Best & Less etc have great dancing attire) and hand them to your teacher. *PAYMENT TO BE MADE WHEN GIVING ITEMS TO BE PRINTED*


Students with long hair MUST have it tied back for every class. Short hair must be pinned back or held back with a headband.


Camel jazz shoes are required for every student in groups 6yrs and above. If they do tap, Camel coloured tap shoes are required. All classes below this age will require ballet shoes/jiffes.


Dance fees can be paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly or by term, with cash or direct deposit to the Dance School account. If you wish to pay by term, please let us know and we will send you an account. Please ensure that dance fees are kept up to date. If fees are more than 2 weeks late, we will be in contact via email or message with a reminder. If payment is still delayed after this, a late fee be charged. Please remember, we are a small business and we too have bills, wages and running costs to pay. We love to teach dancing, not chase up money - so to make our lives easier pay on time and we will all be happy! :-)



Refunds will NOT be given if term fees are fully paid and your child decides to leave before seeing out the end of the term/year.


Missed lessons must be paid for - 50% of your dance class fee. Extreme medical/sickness conditions are considered on a case by case basis. Dance is a team sport. When attendance drops, it lets your group down and we can’t make steady progress. So please ensure you are at every lesson so you don’t miss out on anything!


Please ensure you are ON TIME to dance classes. You should always aim to be at the studio 10 minutes before your class commences. Please pick your children up on time. If you are going to be late to pick up, please send your teacher a message so we know to keep your child in the studio till you arrive. We may not always reply but at least we will know you are on your way. Being on time to your class helps keep our schedule running on time and gives parents a chance to ask questions at class change over if need be. Please DO NOT enter the studio while we are in the middle of teaching (this applies to parents and students). Not only is it distracting to the teachers, it’s very off-putting to the students too. Wait until it is your class time and we will be more than happy to help you.



We have an open door policy when it comes to teaching. The studio has lovely big class doors you can peep through to see what is happening, but we do not allow parents to sit and watch us teach. Please do NOT stand or sit in front of the doors the entire lesson. It is a massive distraction to both teachers and students. There is an exception to your first lesson for new students only - parents may sit in the studio off to the side if your child is a little shy. Throughout the term, we invite parents in to watch what we have been up to, so try and save the peeping till then!


At the end of every year we have a Concert to showcase all of our routines. Concert day is the best day of the year! We like to make it a fun and relaxing day instead of a stressful and panicked one! The date of the concert will be advised early in term 1. All students are required to participate in the concert. There is a fee/charge for costumes at this time of year. We generally request payment for this in term 3 so it doesn’t cause too much financial struggle in term 4, when it’s closer to Christmas. We do try and reuse costumes where possible but sometimes, groups will need to purchase brand new. If this is the case, we start this process in term 3.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Brooke, ATJ Dance School Principal.


Email - atjdanceschool@hotmail.com
Mobile - 0429 881 776
Facebook Page - ATJ Dance School